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Cup o’ Kindness

Cup O' Kindness

Give to Scottish Huntington’s Association and change the lives of Scottish families living with Huntington’s disease.

Welcome to Cup O' Kindness


Inspired by supporters and families living with Huntington’s disease (HD), Cup O’ Kindness is increasing awareness about HD and enabling Scottish Huntington’s Association (SHA) to carry out its vital work in communities across Scotland.


Today, there are 1100 people in Scotland with HD and a further 5000 people are at risk. The severe symptoms include a deterioration in motor function which results in the loss of ability to walk, talk, eat and swallow. The disease also causes mood swings, personality changes and can lead to serious mental illness.

Loved ones are often unable to remain in the family home because 24-hour care is needed and, to compound the terrible toll of the disease, families live with the knowledge that each child of an HD parent is at 50% risk of inheriting the single faulty gene that leads to this incurable condition.


Scottish Huntington’s Association is for everyone whose life is impacted by HD – family members experiencing initial symptoms and those in the later stages of the disease; carers and the young people growing up in HD families. People who haven’t been tested and those coming to terms with their result. 

Our lifeline services are developed in partnership with the families we serve, and delivered through a network of HD specialists, a world-leading youth service and a team of dedicated financial wellbeing advisors.  


This support is second to none –  in fact, Scotland is recognised by the global HD community as the best place in the world to have the disease.


Without the individualised, family-centred support we provide, HD families would struggle to cope, especially those who feel isolated in their communities because of the stigma that, even today, still surrounds the disease.


We know Scotland is a country that cares. Please give to Cup O’ Kindness during this special season of giving and into the New Year and together we will continue to change lives.

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