Festive hours

 Please see below for information about who to contact for support during the festive period.

Our Adult Clinical Services will be closed from Friday 23 December until Wednesday 4 January. Should you need support during this time, please contact:

  • Your GP practice – most practices will be open from Wednesday 28 December to Friday 30 December and will reopen on Wednesday 4 January 2023 after the New Year public holidays.

  • NHS 24 / Out of Hours - Open 24 hours for urgent care, advice and assessment. Call 111.

  • A&E - for life threatening illness/situations. Call 999.

  • Mental Health Support - If you're struggling with your mental health or need emotional support, you can phone Breathing Space on 0800 83 85 87. Breathing Space is available on weekdays from 6pm to 2m and at weekends from Friday 6pm to Monday 6am.

  • For urgent mental health support, phone NHS 24 on 111, day or night.

  • Emergency Social Care - contact your local social work office or out-of-hours social work helpline

Our Financial Wellbeing Service is closed from Monday 19 December and will reopen on Monday 9 January 2023.

For those service users encountering the issues, please be aware that the organisations listed below may each have their own Christmas opening and closure times: 

  • Food - check your local foodbank opening times for food parcel services offered in your area.

  • Money emergencies - check your local authority website for applications to Scottish Welfare Fund Crisis and Community Care grants by phone and online in your area.

  • Energy/Utilities - SCARF on 0808 129 0888 (freephone Mon – Fri 9am – 4.30pm), info@scarf.org.uk

The Youth Service will close from Friday 23 December until Monday 9 January 2023.

If you are a young person who is looking for out-of-hours telephone support during this time, please contact Breathing Space (over 16s) on 0800 83 85 87 or Childline (under 19s) on 0800 11 11.

Children 1st Parentline Scotland is also available Monday to Friday 9am to 9pm at weekends from 9am until 12 noon. Call 08000 28 22 33. 




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