Did you know that around the world, there are 1.3 billion people estimated to be living in poverty? This is an issue in every country in the world, even in Scotland, and particularly amongst the HD community. Recent studies suggest that 33% of families impacted by Huntington’s disease live in poverty.

The Scottish Huntington’s Association Financial Wellbeing Service works with these families, giving them advice on budgeting, financial planning and which benefits they may be entitled to. Last year, the Financial Wellbeing Service raised over £1million for HD families, with over 300 families each receiving on average over £3,300. We know our financial advisors are making a big difference, but we want to do more.

To raise awareness of poverty in Scotland, and to raise funds to help our Financial Wellbeing Advisors do more, we are setting a challenge to our supporters.

This August, we would like you to track your spending on food and drink for a week. That includes groceries, snacks, sandwiches at work, coffee on the train home, a beer on a Friday night – everything you eat or drink for a week! Add it all up and make a note of it.

Poverty Pledge Pig

Then, the next week, we’d like you to try and live as if you were below the poverty line. Low income households in Scotland spend, on average, £2 per person, per day, on food and drink.

Can you do that?


We will give you support and advice, with recipes, handy hints and a lot of encouragement on social media. Then, at the end of the week, you check out how much money you’ve saved and donate it to Scottish Huntington’s Association.

We will make sure every penny you donate goes straight to the Financial Wellbeing Service, who will make sure that fewer families across Scotland are struggling with poverty going forward.

If you want to find out more, just fill in the box below and we will send supportive emails, recipe ideas, and other tips and tricks to help you track your spending and make it through the week.

Go on! Sign up and take the pledge today, by posting this nifty graphic on your facebook, Instagram or twitter!