Charity partnership with Grant Thornton brings new opportunities

Scottish Huntington’s Association has launched an innovative partnership with financial firm Grant Thornton Scotland. The charity was nominated by Grant Thornton employee Robert Hannah, whose wife has Huntington’s disease. “Scottish Huntington’s Association does amazing work and this partnership is an opportunity to help transform the lives of families facing this rare but horrific condition,” said Robert. “It will help provide HD Specialists to support families, Financial Wellbeing Advisors to reduce financial hardship and Specialist Youth Advisors to help young people with the enormous challenges they face both today and in the future.”  Grant Thornton is committed to creating real and lasting change through the partnership, including by building the knowledge and resilience of its own employees through insights gained from Scottish Huntington’s Association and our family members. The partnership will also have a particular focus on supporting young people growing up in families impacted by Huntington’s disease. “We’ll be using our skillsets to benefit the Youth Service, working to provide a range of access and employability support for young people who access these services,” said Robert. “We’re also going to focus on building local awareness and creating a national set of materials to support staff and people managers to provide the best quality of support to any staff dealing directly or indirectly with the challenges of Huntington’s disease. Alistair Haw, CEO of Scottish Huntington’s Association, thanked Grant Thornton employees for their commitment. “This innovative partnership with Grant Thornton brings great opportunities for us to change lives and attitudes, especially in relation to young people who are often turned into carers for their parents whilst also dealing with the reality that they too are at risk of inheriting the devastating condition that’s unfolding in front of their eyes,” he said. “We look forward to building a strong relationship with Grant Thornton, whose staff have already demonstrated great commitment to our families by choosing Scottish Huntington’s Association as their charity partner. We’re hugely grateful, and can’t wait to get started!”

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