What we do

Provide Specialist Services

Our HD Specialists provide vital physical health, mental health, wellbeing support and care co-ordination for all adults within a Huntington’s family – whether they be symptomatic, asymptomatic, at risk or carers.

support young people

Our Specialist Youth Advisors provide personalised support, age-appropriate information and resources, and opportunities to build friendships and enjoy respite experiences that would otherwise be impossible.

Reduce financial hardship

Our Financial Wellbeing Advisers help families to reduce debt and maximise income through access to benefits and financial products. The service also supports with household budgeting and organising power of attorney.

Raise care standards

Our  Scottish Government backed National Care Framework for Huntington’s Disease outlines the care and support families should be entitled to receive throughout the country.

huntington's disease

Huntington’s disease is caused by an inherited faulty gene. Find out about its symptoms and the impact on families across the generations.

SHA: About Us

We are committed to ensuring that every Huntington's family has access to the specialist services they need, regardless of where in Scotland they live. 

how we work

The Huntington's disease community, and those who make our vital work possible, lie at the heart of everything we do, guided by our Vision, Mission and Values.

News and Publications

Our publications include annual reviews and our regular Share magazine for families and donors. You can also catch up with the charity's news and family stories.