Thank you Running Mr Jones!

Award-winning motivational poet and blogger Alistair Jones has been inspired to put pen to paper by SHA’s My Zen Run and the people taking part…

The writer and enthusiastic runner  –known to his fans on social media as Running Mr Jones –  won the Running Awards Book of the Year in 2020 for ‘Run: A Book For Real Runners’ and was named Running Awards Blogger of the Year in 2019.

Now he’s sharing his latest work to encourage our 2021 My Zen Run participants who are already clocking up the miles, increasing awareness about Huntington’s disease and raising vital funds towards SHA’s lifeline services which are relied upon by families all over Scotland.

SHA Trustee Marie Short MBE, who helped to establish SHA’s annual My Zen Run, reached out to Running Mr Jones to tell him about My Zen Run, which also aims to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone who joins in.

Earlier this week Marie was delighted when he got back in touch – with a new piece of poetry full of positive messages and praise for those taking part.

Marie said: “I’ve followed @RunningMrJones on Twitter for a few years and I find his poetry absolutely amazing. It always resonates with me.

“I contacted him in July 2020 but his diary was really full for months so he asked me to get back to him in time for this year’s My Zen Run. I reminded him in March this year and he said he would be very happy to write a poem especially for us.

“What a beautiful gift Running Mr Jones has given our community; I’m blown away by such kindness towards someone that he’s never met before. And I can’t believe he included ‘open roads, open minds, open hearts’- just like our My Zen Run tagline. Thank you @RunningMrJones!”

My Zen Run by Running Mr Jones

Do you like a challenge?
Would you like some fun?
You can do some real good
Joining MyZenRun
Helping Scottish Huntingtons
Showing that you care
Families get supported
When you have a share
We will hit the open roads
With joyful, open minds
Let us open up our hearts
The power of being kind
Last year was amazing
We raised a mighty sum
So this year will we beat it?
The best is yet to come!

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