Peter’s family experiences inspire new fundraising chapter in his life

We are hugely grateful to Peter Yardley who is raising money in support of Huntington’s families with his new book through the sales of his book ‘An Anthology of Short Stories, Poems and Other Things.’

Peter’s late sister Myra had Huntington’s disease and his niece Gillian McNab – a Scottish Huntington’s Association trustee, family member and volunteer fundraiser and speaker – is also facing onset of the disease.

“As a family we don’t know if our Mum had the condition, but presume she did, as she died from a heart attack at the age of 42, well before it would have been diagnosed,” said Peter. 

Peter is visiting book fairs to promote the anthology and raise awareness about the disease at the same time. If you would like to help raise as much possible, please contact him at

The price of the book is £12.50 which includes post and packaging. Peter can take payments by PayPal or cheque so please let him know which you prefer with your contact details including your postal address. 

Money raised will be shared between Scottish Huntington’s Association and our friends at Huntington’s Disease Association.

Peter Yardley

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