Louise smashes superhero challenge in support of HD families


Louise from Lanarkshire has become a real life superhero by raising funds to help other people who also have Huntington’s disease.

The 41-year-old was chosen to join the Marvel-sponsored At Home Superhero Challenge Series in partnership with Zurich Community Trust.

And she smashed her challenge target of naming as many songs as possible by her favourite 80s pop star – Adam Ant – in her first go, raising more than £200 in sponsorship and donations from friends.

For super-fan Louise, a former DJ, it was a chance to showcase her knowledge about the singer she has followed since her teenage days.

And it was a great personal triumph too because as the disease progresses Louise is finding it more and more difficult to speak. She has just started using a special ‘talking’ tablet and also relies on the help of carer Joan – who Louise jokes “does enough talking for both of us!”

“I’ve always loved Adam Ant,” Louise told us, adding that she has met the singer on a number of occasions and seen him in concert 15 times.  Another favourite is Boy George – “I’d love to meet him – or Johnny Depp!” she said, with a cheeky smile.

Now that Louise is no longer able to get out and about the way she once did, she misses going to live gigs, walking dogs, and having adventures – especially skydiving.

“I’ve done three skydives and I loved them all. My last one was in 2018. I’m an adrenalin junkie; I felt free up there, my Huntington’s disease and its symptoms didn’t matter when I was flying through the air,” she told us.

Both of Louise’s parents had Huntington’s disease and she tested positive in her 20s. In addition to affecting her speech, Louise is also losing her mobility and balance.

As we’re chatting, Joan is busy looking for Louise’s skydiving certificates and photos taken with Adam Ant, chipping in to the conversation to help Louise share her story.

“Louise is an amazing person, I don’t know how she manages to be such fun to be around when she has the serious health issues that Huntington’s disease causes,” said Joan.

“When I come into the house she always asks how I am and wants to know about my day. If I’m upset about something then Louise will be upset for me too – then she cheers me up and everyone else she meets too.

“She’s an inspiration, I’ve learned a lot from Louise and SHA’s HD Specialists who give us lots of information, support and advice so Louise has what she needs.”

Thank you Louise for being an At Home Superhero in support of the Huntington’s community – and for completing your fabulous fundraising challenge by listing more than 20 Adam Ant tracks.

We think you’re f-ANT-astic!

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