Logan sparks amazing support from work colleagues

Today we meet Logan Straub who has inspired his employers and colleagues to help families living with Huntington’s disease.

The 20-year-old apprentice from Falkirk spoke to the workforce at John Jenkins and Son Steel Fabricators about having Huntington’s disease in his family. They were so moved by Logan’s experiences that staff immediately began looking for ways to help – including by choosing Scottish Huntington’s Association as the firm’s first ever charity partner.

Logan Straub

“It means a lot to me that people at my work are so driven to raising as much money and awareness as possible to help the charity and other families like mine. It’s good to do something positive and give back to SHA for helping me and other young people who are struggling to cope,” said Logan.

Logan and his two brothers lost their much-loved dad Mark in 2017 after watching his health deteriorate over the years as symptoms became more severe.

“It was hard growing up and knowing that my dad wasn’t like my friends’ dads but I didn’t really know why,” said Logan. “I started meeting Grant, my SHA Youth Advisor, when I was eight years old and for as long as I can remember the charity has changed my life completely.

“Mum was already dealing with so much and I had a lot of thoughts and questions so it was amazing to have my Youth Advisor to talk to. He listened and helped me, even when something was bothering me that was nothing to do with Huntington’s disease.

“I spoke to Grant a lot after our dad died and before I decided to get tested for the HD gene last year. I’m negative but my younger brother hasn’t had the test so it doesn’t feel like we can be happy about it yet.”

Employees at John Jenkins & Son are already planning fundraising activities including running the Edinburgh Marathon, entering a team for this year’s Tough Mudder and organising a race night.

Jonny Jenkins

Managing Director Jonny Jenkins said: “When Logan spoke to me about Huntington’s disease and how it has affected his family, then explained how Scottish Huntington’s Association is helping families like his, I knew it is something we wanted to get behind.

“When we proposed the idea to the staff everyone was ion board and now we’re looking forward to getting together to do something really positive for this worthy cause.”

Alistair Haw, CEO of Scottish Huntington’s Association, said: “We’re hugely grateful to John Jenkins & Son for the commitment they have made to our families by choosing Scottish Huntington’s Association as their charity partner. It’s great to see a team rally behind one of their young apprentices like this and we can’t wait to get started!”

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