Kenny joins runners in honour of his Dad

Kenny Train is taking on a double challenge this month after signing up for SHA’s My Zen Run during his training for the Great North Solo Run.

He’s set himself a personal target of 300 miles and hopes to average around four miles a day to raise as much as he can for Scottish Huntington’s Association.

“My dad Bob has Huntington’s disease. He was diagnosed more than 20 years ago after a car accident – thankfully nobody was injured. Since then, he’s gradually lost the ability to do the things we take for granted like eating, walking and talking. Nowadays, it’s really hard to understand what he’s trying to communicate,” said Kenny.

“On good days, he’s up in his big chair watching TV but that’s quite rare now. Most days, he’s in his bed asleep for long periods. Because HD is hereditary, there’s a 50% chance that I have the gene too but I haven’t been tested as I’m an optimist and like to look on the bright side.

“I hope to raise as much as possible for SHA as a thank you for supporting my dad, our family, and our friends. I also want to raise awareness because HD is not well known or understood by most people.”

Kenny joins people from all over Scotland who are running for somebody they love by taking on our My Zen Run 5K, 10K, half marathon or full marathon. Every mile they run during September will help SHA to reach more families with the vital support they need.

Thank you, Kenny – and good luck!

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