Take the Christmas Card pledge!

Every year, the average person will spend £65 on sending Christmas cards to their friends and family

Christmas is a time for giving, spending lots of time with loved ones and creating happy memories. However for many families impacted by Huntington’s disease, Christmas can be yet another extraordinary challenge.
We want to change that and make sure that every HD family in Scotland has not just the best Christmas possible, but all the support they need into 2018 and beyond. We strive, every day, to ensure that no one is without access to the help they are entitled to, in order to live the life they want.

But we can’t do that alone. We need your help.


Would you consider sending your friends and family an email instead of a Christmas card?


Just think what money spent on Christmas cards could achieve if it was donated to Scottish Huntington’s Association instead?

  • £12 would pay for a Specialist Youth Advisor to take a young person impacted by HD out for coffee, to give them a break from their caring responsibilities.


  • £40 would pay for our Financial Wellbeing Officer to visit someone who has been badly economically affected by HD to make sure that person and their family are getting all the money they are entitled to.


  • £350 is the cost of an HD Specialist’s day, during which they could visit multiple families impacted by HD, providing those families with a lifeline in difficult times.

Send our SHAmazing SHA Christmas card here, and make a donation so HD families across Scotland will know it’s Christmas time. All we ask if for a small donation of £5 for this but with your £5 you can send this card to up to 50 of your friends and family!


This card was designed by Sarah Mills from Devizes in Wiltshire, who says “I am supporting SHA at Christmas because Christmas is a time for thinking of others. Having known someone with this debilitating disease, I wanted to use my creativity to help raise funds for the charity. Hopefully my design of reindeer with DNA antlers will resonate with those who have been affected by this condition.”

We hope this campaign will raise vital funds for the charity to support people living with HD as well as giving a tasty surprise to one of our supporters.

Will you make Christmas even better for thousands of families affected by HD this Christmas by helping us make sure they have the support they need?