“Let’s go see mum.” My Dad said as we left the house my Great-Gran had just died in. Cleared out and divvied up after the funeral. I couldn’t say no. There was no more avoiding it.

We arrived at the care home, my heart in my stomach. I went in for a hug and got a hand in the throat. The nurses said she was happy to see me. Her words had mostly vanished and I could only make out basic noises. The ones that hurt the most, should never hurt a person.

“I…Lohhh…Y…hhoh…” Over and over, an eternal 30 minutes. I said it back “I Love You.” and hoped she understood. As we started to go she began to wail, I left unable to take it and dad said my farewell. It felt like I had lost two relatives that day.

One dead, one lost internally.