Here are some of the entries we have received so far.

“Let’s go see mum.” My Dad said as we left the house my Great-Gran had just died in. Cleared out and divvied up after the funeral. I couldn’t say no. There was no more avoiding it.
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“Wow, that’s horrible!” she says, staring at me with the same ‘stunned sympathy look’ everyone does when I explain HD. I take a quick breath, and with a sense of pride and vulnerability, I prepare to delve deep into myself yet again.
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That’s what we called Mum when she began to drop things and be clumsy.
She had 6 of us kids to look after and she loved us so much and laughed with us when we called her Butterfingers.
Her youngest child (my sister) died when she was aged 4 and then my Mum really went downhill.
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Doon the water!
The ferry approached the pier as passengers eagerly waited to be called aboard. Only a small ledge on the pier prevented passengers from falling into the water between the pier and the ferry. No health and safety regulations here!
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Precious time
I was a teenager always keeping an eye on him, he was depressed, agitated and doing his dance. It was time to get the test.
He had it, my Dad had HD just like his Dad. Time for myself to be tested, a negative result brought a rainbow of hope for the family.
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