Doon the water!

The ferry approached the pier as passengers eagerly waited to be called aboard. Only a small ledge on the pier prevented passengers from falling into the water between the pier and the ferry. No health and safety regulations here!

Suddenly, I saw her with her carer. I asked him, “How is she keeping?” Very well considering. Her blackouts are more regular now and I’ve got to watch her all the time, as I don’t want her falling over and banging her head” said the carer.

“Are you taking the ferry to the island?” I asked. “We sure are” came the reply. “Well watch your step when boarding the ferry, it’s such a small gangway and you don’t want to fall into the water!”

Well, no-one had blacked out, banged their head, fallen off the ferry or become inebriated. All of which happens to people with HD.