World Cup Challenge 2022

In Scotland our love of football is fierce and well known throughout the world. So when it comes to the World Cup, "it doesnae matter that we're no in it - when there's football on the telly, we're winning!"


 At Scottish Huntington's Association, we can't wait for kick off so we've decided to make things even more interesting with our World Cup 2022 Sweepstake Kit!



Taking part is simple, in your kit there's a card for each team in the World Cup (even England!). Your sweepstake must be free to take part but you can choose a suggested donation amount you can ask your friends and family to give. Players will draw a card at random and then hope that their team wins! We'll also provide you with a handy tracker sheet and poster templates!


The money you collect can be split between the winner and your donation, or you can source your own prize and donate all the money you raise!



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