Help Huntington's Families For Generations

You can help Scottish Huntington’s Association provide the essential specialist services that people need to cope with the challenges of Huntington’s disease in 2024. For those without support, the challenges of living with Huntington’s disease can devastate the wellbeing of everyone in their family, for generations.

At Scottish Huntington’s Association, we understand the challenges our families face every day. Our expertise has been trusted by generations of families for over 30 years who rely on the long-term support of our HD Specialists, Specialist Youth Advisors, and Financial Wellbeing Officers.

We’re supporting people with the condition who may be losing their ability to walk, talk, eat, drink, and care for themselves. We’re supporting their family members who have taken on care responsibility and may struggle to help their loved ones manage the complex and severe symptoms they experience. We’re supporting young people who are growing up around Huntington’s disease while knowing they have a 50% risk of inheriting the condition.

Every member of the family deserves our support when coping with Huntington’s disease and we simply wouldn’t be able to do the work we do without the support of incredible people like you.

By donating to this appeal…

  • You can ensure we are there to provide expert and personalised support for everyone in Scotland impacted by Huntington’s disease.
  • You can help alleviate wellbeing risks to children and young people living in Huntington’s families.
  • You can assist the Huntington’s community to connect through events such as our free annual Family Gathering.
  • You have the power to help improve the lives of families impacted by Huntington’s disease today…

SHA Family Gathering

Help Huntington’s Families Across The Generations…

“Scottish Huntington’s Association has been in my life since I was 12 years old. My Specialist Youth Advisor helped me through the testing process, before and after, and I’m still in touch with Pete who works with young people in Fife and Lothian. He’s been my rock over the years and supported me last year when I was struggling with Dad’s death.

“I went to camps, family gatherings and days out, and have shared my experiences one-on-one with people about the HD testing process.

“The charity has been a constant in our lives and I hope for it to continue that way.”

Suzanne Armit, 30, Rosyth