Step 1

To do it the easy way, adapt an existing hat. For the tricorn, the go-to pirate hat, you will need a hat with a low, rounded crown (the part your head fits into) and a wide (3 ½ or 4 inches) brim. Any kind of hat with a brim will do as what we’re aiming to create is the tricorn ‘shape’ and that’s pretty simple. So just get a hat with a brim – they are often available in charity shops, fancy dress shops, or you can find them on eBay very cheaply.

Here’s an example:
example 1 hat4hd scottish huntingtons association


Step 2

Next, you need an object to poke a hole in the hat – something like a knitting needle is ideal – and some material to tie up the sides of the hat. You can use shoelaces, or ribbons, or even thick string but do remember that this stuff is going to show, so do have a think about colour when choosing your material.

Step 3

Once you’ve got all of these materials, it should be pretty easy to make the hat. Simply grab the back side of the brim and fold it up, toward the top of the crown. Hold it in place firmly and use the knitting needle to punch four holes, like the points of a square, right through the brim and the crown.

example 2 hat4hd scottish huntingtons association

Photo credit – TS Rhodes

Step 4

Cut the ribbon or shoelaces in half then poke the shoelace through the tiny holes. Make two vertical stitches to sew up the side of the hat. Just poke the string through two holes and tie it on the inside. Do the same with the other two holes.
Repeat this, putting up the sides so they meet in a point toward the front of the hat. You will find that it’s very natural for the hat brim to go up in three sections.

example 3 hat4hd scottish huntingtons association

Photo credit – Colonel Trigg Reenacting Group

You can do this with a leather hat too, but you will probably need something a big tougher than a knitting needle – like a hole punch – to get through the leather to make your hat.

Ta da!

And there you go! Ta da! One tricorn. From there, you can decorate it as much as you like. Our model on this page is wearing a hat with flowers, but you could use glitter to paint your tricorn, or add feathers or sequins, or, frankly, anything you want.

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