Welcome to Tip Jar, a suite of resources created by SHA's Youth Service in partnership with young people growing up in HD families for young people growing up in HD families. SHA's Youth Ambassadors worked with our Specialist Youth Advisors to identify key financial topics and challenges facing our young people, and the following videos and downloadable factsheets have been developed with specialist insight from the Financial Wellbeing Service.


Tip Jar is designed to help when you are considering important financial decisions, such as mortgages, car and life insurance, and funeral costs and planning. You will also find information about student finances, debt management, tackling money problems and a beginner’s guide to managing money.


If you are experiencing financial issues and would like to speak to someone about what steps to take, please contact your Specialist Youth Advisor or the Financial Wellbeing Service.


This project was funded by Advice UK, which distributes Scottish Government Debt Advice Levy Funding.

A Beginner's Guide To Managing Money

Find out how to manage your budget to help make sure you have enough money to meet your needs each month – and maybe have some cash left over to save for something special or pay off debt.


Confused over what mortgage is right for you? Does having Huntington’s disease in your family make it difficult to find a lender? And what's the difference between fixed interest and a tracker?


What you need to know to help you sign up for the right policy for life, driving, critical illness and income protection insurance. You can also find out about driving and Huntington’s disease.


Worried about repaying a loan or checking to see what repayments you can afford? Find out about the service from our Financial Wellbeing Service to help you stay on top of money matters.


The benefits system is complex and can be hard to navigate, which means people may miss out on support they are entitled to. Find out more about what may be available for you and your family.

Student Finances

Learn about the support that is available for young people attending college or university, such as Student Loans, tuition fee payment, and bursaries. You might also qualify for additional support.

End of Life Financial Planning

Planning ahead is not easy to think or talk about when loved ones are ill or unable to make decisions about what financial steps to take. Learn about Power of Attorney, Wills and managing funeral costs.

Money Problems and Poor Mental Health

Worrying about money has a negative impact on your wellbeing and can lead to more serious mental health issues. There are steps you can take to reduce anxiety while stabilising your financial situation.

“It can be difficult as a student to focus on your studies while also having the worry of making sure you’ve got enough money for everything that you have to buy. Being able to access information to help me manage my budget and think about debt has been really helpful.


Bruce, 21, Lothian 

“I find it hard to know where to look for accurate information about mortgages and Insurance, even before I think about the added complexity of Huntington’s disease, so to have he Tip Jar factsheets and animations is fantastic. A one-stop shop to help start the process!”   


Zoë, 26, Forth Valley. 

To find out more, please contact your local Specialist Youth Advisor or Financial Wellbeing Officer.