The booklets and DVDs included here provide age appropriate HD information.


Click on the images below to view them online or download a copy. If you would like a printed copy please contact our Head Office on 01418480308 or email

Young People

New Things at Maxs House

New Things at Max’s House is a story book for ages 0-8. It is a gentle introduction to Huntington's disease and provides parents with the opportunity to ask questions to their child and add in their family's Huntington's disease information.


A great resource to normalise HD conversations in your family.

Living with Huntington's disease: 8-12

Living with Huntington's disease: A guide for young people aged 8-12 is an information booklet designed to introduce and educate children aged 8-12 about HD.


This booklet takes a gentle approach to introducing HD symptoms to the child, along with support around feelings and what to expect next.

Living with Huntington's disease: 13+

Living with Huntington's disease: A guide for young people aged 13+ is an information booklet designed to introduce and educate children aged 13+ about HD. 


This booklet gives more detailed and age appropriate information about HD symptoms, genetics, risk, relationships, living with HD, genetic testing and emotions.

HD Routes

HD Routes is an interactive workbook designed with  fun chapters full of games, activities and information  relating to different HD topics.


Aimed at ages 13 and above this resource can be tailored to look at topics which could impact you.

Huntingtons Disease: The Facts

Huntington's disease: The Facts is a leaflet which provides a basic overview of What is HD;  Mood, Mind and Movement Symptoms; along with what its like to live in a HD family.


A great resource to explain easily to friends, teachers, professionals what HD is and how it can impact children.

Tip Jar

Tip Jar is a range of resources designed to provide information and advice around key financial topics and challenges young people growing up in HD families may face.


Aimed at ages 16+ these resources were developed in partnership with young people growing up in families impacted by HD. 


Talking with young people about huntington's disease

Talking with young people about Huntington's disease: A toolbox guide for parents is a workbook designed to support you in disclosing your family’s HD to your child. Packed full of information, advice and tips this workbook also allows you a space to note down your own thoughts and ideas.

UN Conventions on the rights of a child

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child  (UNCRC) is a legal commitment which the Government has made to young people and is mentioned in Children and Young People (Scotland) Act. Specialist Youth Advisors use the UNCRC Articles to ensure children in HD families rights are protected.