Kick start your New Year’s resolution and SHApe-Up With Winckless this January! No matter what your fitness level, why not take on a challenge to improve your health and fitness alongside Olympic Medalist and Scottish Huntington’s Association Patron, Sarah Winckless.

In January, Sarah will be taking on her own sponsored fitness challenge at her local gym, which will aim to improve her balance, coordination and body weight; all of which are effected by HD. Through our challenge-specific Facebook page, Sarah will keep us all up-to-date on her progress and will be encouraging others to take on their own sponsored fitness challenge in the New Year. The page will also act as a platform where people can share their ideas, progress and seek encouragement and motivation!

Your challenge can focus on anything that you wish to achieve, from eating healthier to dusting off your running shoes and getting back on the treadmill. Whatever your New Year’s resolution, spread the word, get sponsored and raise some much-needed funds for SHA! We need to raise a massive £50K so we need you to get involved!

All you have to do is ‘Like’ our Facebook page, get sponsored and commit!

SHApe-Up With Winckless FAQs

What is Huntington’s Disease (HD)?
HD is a devastating genetic neurological condition that effects coordination, stamina and mental health. It is passed on from parent to child with the children of those with HD facing a 50:50 chance of inheriting the condition themselves. Once symptoms set in, those with HD will require full-time medical care. There is currently no cure for the disease.

What is Scottish Huntington’s Association?
Scottish Huntington’s Association (SHA) is a charity founded in 1989 by families affected by Huntington’s Disease. SHA is the only charity in Scotland dedicated to assisting those with HD. It is our aim to provide world-class care and support to those living with HD throughout the country.

Who can take on a challenge?
Anyone can take part in SHApe Up With Winckless, regardless of age or physical ability! Your challenge should be specific to you and should coincide with your own health and fitness goals. This means that each individual raises sponsorship to reach their own personal targets. Whether you are planning to start training for a marathon or you simply want to eat clean for two months, we want you to take on the challenge alongside Sarah Winckless.

We advise that you consult your GP before taking on any form of physical challenges or dietary changes.

What kind of challenge can I do?
You can take on any kind of fitness or health challenge as a New Year’s resolution. This should aim to improve your fitness or health and be specific to your personal goals. If possible, the challenge should highlight the problems faced by those with HD by aiming to improve areas such as balance, coordination, bodyweight and endurance.

How much do I need to raise?
There is no minimum amount that we ask you to raise. All we ask is that you take on the challenge, get sponsored and do your best to raise as much as possible. In total, we need to raise a massive £50,000 from the SHApe Up With Winckless event; an incredible sum of money! However, if everyone does their bit to raise the money, we will easily be able to reach our target. You will even get healthier in the process!

How do I raise sponsorship?
You can raise sponsorship through your family, friends and work colleagues. By creating a Virgin Money Giving page HERE you can gain sponsorship online and track your progress daily. Virgin Money Giving will collect sponsorship fees on your behalf and will then deposit the funds directly into our bank account. We recommend that you raise sponsorship through Virgin Money Giving, a not-for-profit organisation, offering a cost-effective way to fundraise for SHA.

If you would prefer to download a paper sponsorship form and gain sponsorship yourself, you can download this via our website here by clicking HERE.

How do I set up my Virgin Money Giving page?
You can set up your own Virgin Money Giving page by clicking HERE. Once you set up your page you can start fundraising for SHApe Up With Winckless by searching ‘SHApe Up With Winckless’ under events. Virgin Money Giving offers a cost efficient way to raise funds for SHA.

Where does the money go?
All the money that you raise will go to Scottish Huntington’s Association and will be used to provide world-class support and care to those living with Huntington’s Disease, a devastating neurological condition, throughout Scotland.

My question is not covered here, who can I ask?
If your question has not been covered here, you can email SHA by clicking HERE and we will do our best to respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

Click HERE to find out how to set up a Virgin Money Giving page.