How we work

Our Vision, Mission and Values drive everything we do and how we do it, guiding all our work with families, staff, supporters, funders and partner organisations.

Our Vision

The best possible care and support for everyone impacted by Huntington’s disease in Scotland.

Our Mission

To fight tirelessly to ensure that everyone impacted by Huntington’s disease in Scotland has access to the specialist care and support they need when they need it, regardless of where they live.

Our Values


We respect the dignity, rights and circumstance of everyone impacted by Huntington’s disease, ensuring the support we provide is personalised, sensitive, informed by them and empowering to them.



We listen to families and build trusting and lasting relationships that enable us to shape services, engage and work in partnership with external bodies - and overcome barriers to ensure the right care and support is in place.



We share our knowledge, innovation and influence to increase awareness about Huntington’s disease and the needs of families to develop bespoke care, advance research and to improve the lives of everyone whose life is impacted by Huntington’s disease.



We don’t give up. Families rely on our expertise, professionalism and resilience to navigate challenges and find solutions that work for them as individuals, as families and as a community.



We deliver on our promises and commitments: to families through the delivery of high quality services and advocacy on their behalf; to partner organisations by the promotion of best practice and knowledge sharing; to volunteers, donors and funding bodies through responsible stewardship that maximises the impact of all income entrusted to us.