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How do I take part in My Zen Run

First you need to decide what challenge you will set yourself. You can complete a 5K, 10K, half marathon, full marathon, or your own challenge over 30 days in September.


Sign up using the button at the top and you will receive a welcome email including a link to set up your JustGiving page, your handy My Zen Run journal and Welcome pack.


We’ll also send you an invitation to join our Facebook group where you can meet other My Zen Runners. When you complete the challenge we’ll send you your very own My Zen Run medal and Fundraising Certificate

Who are the My Zen Run coaches?

Your My Zen Run coach is there to support you in your category of running via the Facebook group. They are our lovely volunteers who took part in My Zen Run last year and want to help you have the best experience possible. When you sign up you’ll get a message from your coach.

What can I win prizes for?

You can win prizes including vouchers, fitness equipment and more for the following categories:

Individual who raises the most for HD families

Individual who covers the most distance

Group who raises the most for HD families

Group who covers the most distance
(average per group member)

My Zen Run 2020 picture of the year

What are the free online events?

Week 1 – Yoga session

Week 2 – About Mindful Running

Week 3 – Making post work out snacks

Week 4 – How the My Zen Run community is helping the HD community

How does my fundraising help families living with Huntington’s disease?

Your fundraising provides a lifeline of specialist and practical support for families. You are changing lives through our network of HD Specialists, youth advisors and financial wellbeing officers.  Having the right support makes the difference between coping and not coping so by supporting the work of Scottish Huntington’s Association you are making sure no young person, family member or carer whose life is affected by Huntington’s disease is left to cope alone.

Do I have to fundraise a certain amount?

We ask that you fundraise a minimum of £50 if signing up as an individual, or a minimum of £200 if you sign up as a group. This could pay for a visit to family by one of our specialist advisors to help them manage the challenges of Huntington’s disease.

How do I fundraise?

The simplest way to fundraise is by setting up a JustGiving page. You can follow this link and click ‘start fundraising' to get started. Our welcome pack is filled with hints and tips to help you fundraise and we’ll be sharing stories of the creative ways people are raising much needed funds.

How do I pay my funds in?

For any money raised through JustGiving, the platform will pay this directly to us. If you have any offline amounts you can either pay this into your JustGiving or let our fundraiser know and they can provide bank details.