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Incoming Tide

Hi there,

My name’s Joanna and I am producing a Royal Conservatoire of Scotland film called Incoming Tide which tells the story of Flick (Felicity) Cooper and her sister Erin who live on a small, picturesque Scottish Island. Their parent has Huntington’s Disease, and while Erin has taken her test and found herself without the disease, Flick still has a 50% chance of inheriting: our film explores the difficulty Flick faces when she falls pregnant after a brief fling and is forced to face her future.

One of our aims with Incoming Tide is to authentically portray Huntington’s on screen and we would like to share the opportunity to do this with the HD community in Scotland. We would love to speak to anyone who could advise us and a member of our cast as to their experience with HD: we’d love to have an informal chat where we can hear firsthand stories of your experiences, as representing Huntington’s truthfully onscreen is incredibly important to us.

We hope that this will be a brilliant opportunity to work with the HD community in Scotland, and to increase awareness of Huntington’s disease, and the brilliant work of SHA. Previous RCS films have gone on to win BAFTAs and screen in festivals, so we have high hopes for Incoming Tide and the influence it can have.

For more information, or to get involved in the project, my email address is and my number is 0975758498. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or queries!

Thank you so much.

Best Wishes,


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