Your donation helps to fund vital support for families across Scotland

When you donate to Scottish Huntington's Association you are part of a Scotland-wide effort to make sure every family living with Huntington's disease in Scotland has access to the specialist care and support they need.

You are helping to make sure families can continue making happy memories together and cope with the challenges of living with this devastating disease.

You are there for families through personalised specialist services

Our network of HD Specialists delivers personalised support to families, in addition to advocating on their behalf and liaising with health and social care providers.

You are helping young people to cope through our specialist Youth Service

Our Youth Service provides individual and group support and activities for young people who are growing up in families impacted by Huntington's disease.

You are reducing financial hardship through our Financial Wellbeing Service

Our Financial Wellbeing Service offers confidential advice and help for families about a range of money matters, including debt management, energy use, benefits and allowances.