Scottish Huntington’s Association was delighted to receive £10,000 recently from the Garfield Weston Foundation to assist with the growth and development of its HD Adult Clinical Services across Scotland.

This brings the total financial support provided by the Garfield Weston Foundation to £26,000 over the past 15 years, for which SHA is truly grateful.

The award will support the network of HD Specialist Teams allowing SHA to provide much needed services to families living with Huntington’s disease including:-

  • HD Specialists – ensuring families have access to the day-to-day ‘lifeline’ support/services they need
  • Youth Service – Supporting Young People and Family Communication
  • Improving Financial Wellbeing
  • Building stronger networks and reducing isolation through symptomatic support groups, carers’ groups and conferences.
  • Development of the National Care Framework
  • Improving care through education and training
  • Raising and Innovating Awareness
  • Training to Breathing Space personnel to enable them to provide Out of Hours Support
  • Respite & Long Term Care
  • Research and Information on HD