SHAYP has been successful in receiving funding totalling £1500 from the Carers Trust and Comic Relief. This money has been awarded to allow families the opportunity to access social experiences and spend quality time together as a family.

For example: –

A family may wish to visit Edinburgh Zoo and apply for costs for transport, admission and lunch.

A family may wish to have a weekend in York and apply for £20 per person towards the cost of this.

The criteria to access the fund is:-

The money must be used for a family unit (with at least one person aged under 18 in attendance) to spend the day together.

This may include part payment towards a holiday.

Sibling group days out will be considered. Ideally the person with HD would also be in attendance, although this is not always necessary/ appropriate/ possible.

The maximum amount awarded will be £20 per person in attendance.

Funds must be used before 1st of November 2015.

You can find an application form HERE.