When Elderslie man Bob Bogle decided he was going to take on the challenge of the year, he meant it.

Bob has vowed to cycle 2015 miles between now and the end of July to raise money for the Scottish Huntington’s Association (SHA), the only charity in the country that supports families living with the degenerative brain disorder Huntington’s disease (HD).

His cycle is part of the charity’s ‘Shape up with Winckless Challenge’ where fundraisers are being asked to join patron and Olympic medal rower Sarah Winckless to raise £50,000 to help pay for two new HD specialists.

He is being supported in his endeavours by sports specialists Decathlon at Braehead who are helping with free bike maintenance and publicity for the duration of his challenge.

 “I’m on target so far and hopefully as the better weather comes in I’ll be able to increase the number of miles I’m doing every day. I’m aiming to do 30 miles a day and 40 at the weekend at the moment but hopefully as I get fitter I’ll be able to do more and finish even quicker,” said Bob.

HD is a hereditary progressive condition that causes changes to muscle control, thinking processes and can cause long-term mental health issues. The average age of onset is between 33 and 45 and those living with the condition will require 24 hour care as it progresses into its later stages. Each child of someone diagnosed with HD is at 50% risk of developing the condition themselves. There is no cure.

It is estimated that there are around 1100 people living with the condition in the country with another 5000 potentially at risk.

If anyone would like to support Bob with his challenge they can donate through