Have you ever been part of a book group or an investment club? Do you enjoy meeting up with other people to make positive changes together? Then you might enjoy a Giving Circle.


A Giving Circle is a way of making charitable giving more fun. It’s simple to found one – you can start off by inviting some friends. It can be as informal as a neighbourhood potluck or barbecue, where a few friends pool their money and pick a charity to support, or they can be highly organised, requiring thousands of pounds and a long term commitment from all their members. What they all have in common, however, is that they bring people together to pool their charitable donations in order to have a bigger impact.

Good reasons to start a giving circle

Giving circle

1. Pooling money with others and focusing on a critical issue can have a far greater impact than individual gifts.


2. A Giving Circle is a great way of encouraging your friends to get involved with the causes you care about the most, while also learning more about their passions and philanthropy.


3. Sharing your group’s knowledge and experience means that you’ll be better informed about what your money could do, and how to best spend your money to bring about the biggest changes.


4. It can be great fun to be part of a group and a wonderful way to get to know other people better, while also supporting some important causes.

If you want to find out more about Giving Circles, then email sally.poppenbeck@hdscotland.org or call 0141 848 0308 and ask to talk to Sally.