Could YOU ­­­make a major donation to help change lives?


Scottish Huntington’s Association is looking for people with the potential to make a gift that could have a significant impact on our work – whether that is capital, revenue, time or influence.


If you think you could help, and would like to be a part of our mission to develop support and services for individuals and families across Scotland impacted by Huntington’s disease, please do get in touch.

We would love to spend more time finding out how we could work together!

Step One is getting to know each other, this would involve a visit to one of our services to hear about the work our staff are doing and learn of our successes.


Step Two might involve our workings on a project where you could share your skills, perhaps by volunteering at an event, or offering some of our team a bit of advice, based on your expertise and life experiences.


Step Three could be offering financial support, in whatever way suits you best, whether that is as part of an event, as part of a fundraising campaign to raise cash for a specific project or for an annual appeal.


Step Four might mean that you are able to help us to access your networks. By introducing us to your friends, family and colleagues, we may be able to form new and important relationships. Together we will be so much stronger and can do so much more to fight HD.


Step Five – the final step – is making a major gift. This might be a large, multi-year annual gift (such as sponsoring a child or multiple children to go to Summer Camp each year), or even a single large endowment gift that we can use to plan for the future.


If you would like to help and get involved just call or email, Dougie Peddie our Fundraising Manager, on 0141 848 0308 to set up a first date! He would love to hear from you soon!

Pool your resources. Scale your impact. Change the world.


A Giving Circle is a way of making charitable giving more fun. It’s simple to found one – Could you form a Giving Circle?