Every Penny Counts


We’ve all heard this, but this year let’s put it to the test.

Do you see the sticker above?


This sticker is a gift from us to you. Some of you will already have received this sticker with your copy of SHAre, but if you haven’t got one, or if you want more, just drop us a line on sally.poppenbeck@hdscotland.org, or phone 0141 848 0308 and we’ll send one to you straight away.

All you need to do with this sticker is add it to a container – a jam jar, an old margarine tub, an empty pill jar – anything will do. Then we want you to use that container as a moneybox for the next couple of months.


You might also want some more stickers to give them out to your family and friends -#youandmeagainsthd – and if this is the case, just let us know and we’ll pop some more in the post.

We know that sometimes it’s hard to find the spare cash to make the donation you’d like to, but by adding just a few coins regularly to your SHA money box, you could collect £10 in no time!


Send us a picture of your money box (or post it on Facebook if you fancy!) and then, when the box is full, pass the money on to us. We’ll make sure you know how it’s going to be spent.


That money could go towards providing help and support for a new carer, by giving them a leaflet packed full of all the information they need. Or perhaps by putting the cost of a cup of coffee into your money box every day, you could pay for a Specialist Youth Advisor to take a young person from an HD family out for coffee when they are struggling.


Just remember, it all adds up!


Let’s stand together and take the Jam Jar Pledge.


Please note these money boxes are intended for collecting in the home. To collect in a public place, call Gemma or Linda on 0141 848 0308.