SHA - Birthday Pledge Graphic

Happy Birthday!

Why not do something different this year?


Pledge your birthday and help change lives for families affected by Huntington’s disease

  Making the pledge could mean that you ask for donations to Scottish Huntington’s Association instead of birthday presents, or that you take the opportunity to host an awesome birthday party and ask for donations at the door. Or perhaps you just want to do something spectacular for your birthday and get friends to sponsor you, like climbing a mountain or a sky dive.   But whatever you choose to do, we’ll be right there with you, and we’ll send you a special birthday card to say “thank you” for taking the time to empower ordinary people to meet extraordinary challenges.

Did you know…   …the average birthday collection brings in over £600!   …that is enough to pay for two days of an HD Specialist’s time, during which time they could provide a lifeline for multiple families with HD.   …that is also enough to pay for one young person affected by HD to go to our residential summer camp.   …19 million birthdays are celebrated around the world, every single day.   Fill in your details below and we will get in touch with you shortly to discuss.