Having someone to talk to over a cuppa during the difficult times is so important - and you can provide this for families with Huntington's disease through the work of SHA.


Our HD Specialists, Youth Advisors and Financial Wellbeing Officers are here for all HD families, supporting carers struggling to cope with their loved one's illness, easing the concerns of young people growing up in HD families and helping families to manage household bills and other money worries.


SHA's specialist advisors have the expertise, networks and commitment to help make every day better for families facing the challenges of this devastating and incurable disease.


By supporting our Cup O' Kindness appeal you will ensure SHA lifeline services are here for all families - and you'll send a message of friendship and hope to the HD community this festive season.

"I remember my parents coming home one day and telling me that doctors had run out of things to test Dad for. So they're going to start doing genetic stuff. They're going to start with Huntington's disease, because that's the worst one, and it's probably not that one. And it was.."

How you can share a Cup O' Kindness this Christmas...


When you make a donation, you are making sure that Scottish Huntington's Association is always there for families as they face the challenges of Huntington's disease.

Spread the word

You can help us raise awareness when you like, share, or retweet our Cup O' Kindness posts on social media.

Have a chat over a cuppa

Take some time to sit down with someone and talk about what HD is and how it impacts you and the people you love.

Send a card

When you make a donation, we'll send you a Cup O' Kindness Christmas card! You can send this card to anyone you choose and spread some extra goodwill this festive season!

How your donations will help the families we work with


helps pay for immediate clinical support to a patient over the telephone


helps take a young person out for a cuppa to offer emotional support and respite from their caring responsibilities.


provides two hours of personal support at the family home to patients who are losing the ability to walk, talk, swallow, make decisions or care for themselves.

Hear from our families who shared their stories through our past Cup O Kindness appeals

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