Kingdom FM sprang a massive surprise on Aidan McCallum yesterday after his mum nominated him for a Christmas Wish. The family thought that they were just going to be talking about Aidan’s art work and HD, however, they then said that they were there to also make his Christmas wish come true!

Aidan, mum and dad will be enjoying a three night stay in Geneva at the five star Intercontinental Hotel which is close to the Christmas market they want to visit. They also have a day trip to Montreal Christmas market on Lake Geneva. Plus, £500 spending money and £500 to the SHA.

Kingdom FM have said that they will help the SHA to promote other future events.

The talk will be aired next week on one of the breakfast shows, but not sure which one yet! Will keep you posted and well done Aidan and the McCallum family!

The video can be seen HERE at the Kingdom FM Facebook page.