People impacted by Huntington’s disease need specialist services to cope with a severe and complex disease, the impact on families and a lack of awareness amongst health and social care providers and the wider public.

Scottish Huntington’s Association is the only charity in the country exclusively dedicated to providing expert and personalised support for those impacted by Huntington’s disease.


Our personalised support reduces unnecessary hospital admissions, supports carers and other family members; lowers household poverty; and alleviates wellbeing risks to children and young people living in Huntington’s families.


The charity is commissioned by NHS Boards and Health and Social Care Partnerships throughout the country to share our expertise with front line staff and build support for improved services and higher standards of care for every family impacted by this devastating disease.


We play a full and active role in attracting the global research community to Scotland to work in partnership with us to improve the lives of families impacted by Huntington’s disease.


Our Scottish Government-backed National Care Framework for Huntington’s Disease outlines the care and support families should be entitled to receive throughout the country. It can be viewed at