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What does SHAYP Life do?

SHAYP Life offers lots of different opportunities for young people to become involved in the HD Community.

Information and Advice
SHAYP Life offers young people the opportunity access age appropriate and reliable information relating to HD.
SHAYP Life can also answer any questions you may have about HD.

121 support
SHAYP Life can offer one to one support to help you manage living in a family with HD/ being at risk of carrying the gene. This support can be offered face to face or via text/email/Facebook

Group Sessions
SHAYP Life offers structured group sessions for those aged 8-12, 13-17 and 18+. During these groups young people are given the opportunity to look at HD in an informative and safe manner, whilst making new friends.

Fun activities
SHYAP Life offers a fun activity during each of the school holidays. Examples of activities have included: – white water rafting, chocolate making, cinema, bowling, laser quest, paintballing, photography workshop 

Summer camp
For 5 days during the summer holidays, SHAYP offers 40+ Young people the opportunity to attend a residential week. During this week the young people have the opportunity to have a break from any caring responsibilities they may have at home, have fun with friends, try new and exciting activities and for those aged 13+ attend a Festival designed to improve their knowledge around HD.

SHAYP Life offers a Facebook page which allows Young people to keep up to date with SHAYP. Details of all forthcoming events are posted on this page along with pictures after the event. If you wish to contact your specialist youth advisor via Facebook you can do so.

Information/ Advice/ Support to parents
SHAYP Life also offers information/advice/support to parents and professionals who have children growing up in families affected by HD. This support may include:

  • Providing parents with accurate, age appropriate information
  • Supporting parents in telling children about H.D.
  • Supporting parents and families as HD progresses
  • Encouraging open, accurate communication in families

Information/ Advice/ Support to professionals
SHAYP Life also offers information/advice/support to professionals working with children growing up in families affected by HD. This support may include

  • Providing professionals with accurate, age appropriate information and resources
  • Raising awareness with professionals
  • Training for professionals e.g. school, social work, youth workers
  • Support and advocacy

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