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Give a Hut a Home!

Handover for Huntington’s

This is about donating anything that you don’t want or need anymore, which we could sell on our eBay online store to raise funds to fight Huntington’s disease.  

We’ll be happy with vinyl records, DVDs, computer games, phone handsets, knick knacks or even clothes (if you’ve not worn them – we don’t have the facilities to launder worn clothes so can’t accept them), all donated via one of our sturdy Handover for Huntington’s Huts. Our beautifully decorated cardboard boxes would brighten up any office or community centre.

We need YOU to find one of our huts a home.  It can be anywhere people gather; your church hall, your office, your children’s school.  Just let us know where it needs to go and we can get it straight there, ready to receive donations.

To let us know that you can help, please email or call David McNiven on 0141 848 0308.

We look forward to hearing from you all!

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