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Bloggers wanted for health charity

The only charity in Scotland supporting families with the degenerative neurological condition Huntington’s disease (HD) is on the look out for volunteer bloggers.

The Scottish Huntington’s Association (SHA) wants to expand its awareness raising activities and sees a regular blog on HD related issues as an important new platform.

‘A blog on HD and social care related issues would be great way to spread the word about the impact the condition has on affected families,’ said SHA Community Fundraiser, Gemma Powell.

‘This is much misunderstood condition and the more we can do to increase awareness of how affects people the better we will be able to support those affected.

The SHA is the only charity in the country supporting families living with the degenerative neurological condition Huntington’s disease (HD) through a team of specialist nurses, their world leading youth support and a financial wellbeing service.

HD is an incurable genetic brain disorder that usually starts between the ages of 35 and 45 years. It causes three main groups of symptoms: changes to thinking processes – a type of early onset dementia, loss of muscle control and involuntary movements which lead to loss of speech and swallow and mental illness. As it progress those affected will need 24 care. It is also hereditary with each child of those diagnosed at 50% risk developing the disease.

It is estimated there are around 1100 people living with HD in Scotland and about 5000 potentially at risk.

Anyone interested in volunteering their writing skills can contact

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