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Abseil down the Falkirk Wheel for brain charity

Volunteers with a head for heights are wanted to help raise funds to fight an incurable brain disorder.

The Scottish Huntington’s Association still has places for an abseil down the Falkirk Wheel on September 3 to raise funds to help support its work with families living with Huntington’s disease (HD).

So far 28 volunteers have stepped up to take on the abseil down the 150 feet iconic structure but they are still on the look out for more.

‘Anyone in the local area who fancies seeing the Falkirk Wheel from a different angle while helping raise some much needed funds should get in touch. All we’re asking is volunteers raise a minimum of £175 which is not a lot for once in a lifetime experience,” said SHA community fundraising officer,’ Linda Winters.

HD is an incurable genetic brain disorder that usually starts between the ages of 35 and 45 years. It begins with personality changes that can make those diagnosed aggressive, anxious and depressed. The disease progresses slowly, with changes to muscle control that slowly erodes mobility and the ability to talk. As it progress those affected will need 24 hour care. It is also hereditary with each child of those diagnosed at 50% risk of developing the disease. There is no cure.

The SHA is the only charity in the country supporting families living with HD, through a team of specialist nurses, the world’s only HD youth support service and a financial wellbeing helpdesk.

‘The needs of families living with this condition are varied and complex and every penny raised will help towards improving everyday lives of people impacted by HD in the Falkirk area,’ added Linda.

Anyone interested in fundraising for the SHA should contact Linda Winters at or call her on 0141 848 0308.

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